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        Aerotech 新 微型六自由度平臺 Hexapod 產品 Hex150

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               Aerotech Hexapod系列產品的高度精確,占地面積小
              Aerotech的新型HEX150 RC 微型六自由度平臺以其出色的精密機械性能給人留下深刻印象
               微型六自由度平臺的明顯優勢是可以在各個方向上自由精確定位。 中心移動距離為135 mm,這使得該多軸系統可以靈活地用于各種應用,例如在測量和測試技術中。

               A highly precise, small footprint addition to the Aerotech Hexapod family
               The new HEX150 RC Hexapod from Aerotech impresses with its excellent precision mechanics
               The unmistakable advantage of the multi-axis, parallel kinematic hexapods is precise positioning freely in all directions. With a central movement distance of 135 mm, this allows the multi-axis system to be used flexibly for a wide variety of applications, for example in measurement and testing technology. 
                新型150系列微型六自由度平臺具有高承重能力,較大的移動距離和50 mm / s的高定位速度,因此在應用規范中沒有任何要求。高精度定位系統以其出色的機械性能給人留下深刻的印象:極其堅固的驅動腿以及無刷,無槽交流伺服電機不僅確保了終極性能和較長的使用壽命,而且在亞微米范圍內實現了最高的精度。交流伺服電機直接連接到滾珠軸承主軸上,從而確保了較高的驅動剛性。根據制造商的說法,HEX150 RC是目前市場上最精確的六自由度平臺??焖俚慕r間可實現高通量,重復精度低于2μm。
                由于復雜的運動學原理,六自由度平臺的控制效果不容小.。 Aerotech通過創新的控制平臺A3200克服了這一問題,該平臺是根據多年在苛刻的運動學應用方面的經驗得出的。集成的直觀仿真軟件“ HexGen Hexapod”可在任何用戶定義的坐標系中對六足動物進行簡單的編程和控制。用戶可以可視化并模擬可用的工作空間,以便進行碰撞觀察。此外,用戶還可以直接從具有標準設計的存儲庫中選擇預配置的模型。
                為了能夠模擬整個工作過程,AS3200通過模擬界面訪問開放平臺Coppelia Robotics V-REP??梢栽诖似脚_上模擬完整的自動化過程,并且可以在3D環境中組裝所需的機器人致動器,線性或旋轉工作臺和工具。 “我們還支持圖像處理,夾持和真空適配器,以模擬整個自動化過程并最大程度地減少碰撞風險。這顯著縮短了調試和集成的時間。”歐洲航空技術總監Simon Smith總結道。

                Highest precision in the submicrometre range
               The new 150 series hexapod with its high load-bearing capacity coupled with large movement distances and high positioning speeds of 50 mm/s leaves nothing to be desired in the application specification. The high-precision positioning system impresses with its excellent mechanics: Extremely stiff drive legs with brushless, slotless AC servo motors not only ensure ultimate performance and a long service life, but also maximum precision in the submicrometre range. The AC servo motors are connected directly to the ball bearing spindle, which guarantees high drive rigidity. According to the manufacturer, the HEX150 RC is currently the most precise hexapod on the market. Fast settling times allow high throughput with repetition accuracy of less than 2 μm.
               Simulation in free space
               Due to the complex kinematics, the control effort of a hexapod should not be underestimated. Aerotech counteracts this with the innovative control platform A3200, resulting from years of experience with demanding kinematic applications. The integrated, intuitive simulation software “HexGen Hexapod” enables simple programming and control of the hexapods in any user-defined coordinate system. The user can visualize and simulate the available work space in order to carry out collision observations. In addition, the user can also select pre-configured models directly from a stored library with standard designs. 
              In order to be able to simulate the entire work process, the AS3200 accesses the open platform Coppelia Robotics V-REP via a simulation interface. Complete automation processes can be simulated on this platform, and the required robot actuators, linear or rotary tables and tools can be assembled in a 3D environment. “We also support image processing, clamping and vacuum adapter to simulate the entire automation process and to minimize the risk of collisions. This noticeably shortens commissioning and integration”, summarises Simon Smith, European Director Aerotech.


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